Farmers' Market supports junior vendors

I am writing on behalf of the Walla Walla Valley Farmers' Market Board of Directors.

Recently the market has received several letters voicing concern over the additional wording of the market rules. These rules state that vendors who need to have the market listed as additionally insured on vendor policies. Market rules are in place for the safety of the public. These policies are not new, the only new part is having the market listed as an additional insured.

It is a rule that is and has been in place to protect the market. Vendors that have been in compliance (who have liability insurance) have called their agents and had the market added. A copy has been promptly sent to the market office to be included with their paperwork.

The concern is for junior vendors who also must comply with the added change. The market has always been supportive of its junior vendors.

It waives membership fees, and reserved space fees and their space fees are largely discounted; however, insurance is one fee the market cannot waive - especially since a large majority of junior vendors sell food items.

The Farmers' Market is a business that encourages and supports local farmers, concessions and artisans. It provides a venue where small businesses can showcase their items to a large customer base two times a week.

The WWVFMA is a business. It must be responsible for its customers and patrons; part of that responsibility is making sure that adequate insurance coverage is in place.

Beth-Aimee McGuire,

executive director and manager

Walla Walla Farmers' Market

Oral health program gets support

The Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Program at the Walla Walla County Health Department received a $1,500 grant from Pacific Power Foundation. Bill Clemens, regional community manager for Pacific Power & Light, presented the check to our department.

Since this is a fairly new program to the community, we feel fortunate to be recognized by local charitable foundations as a worthy program. With this grant we are now halfway to funding the program through June 30, 2011.

Our program refers children age birth to 6 years to a trained dentist who accepts Medicaid.

Over 2,000 county children have been welcomed to the program to see one of our six participating dentists in Walla Walla County.

The ABCD Program is completing its final year of grant funding from Washington Dental Service Foundation. To continue operations, we have been applying for financial support locally. In addition to Pacific Power Foundation, we have received funds from the Clara & Art Bald Trust, the Yancy P. Winans Testamentary Trust and the Columbia Rural Electric Association.

Without these generous grants our efforts to treat and educate children from birth to 6 years old about simple brush and floss techniques and other oral health basics would not be possible We also wish to applaud the dentists and their wonderful staff who support our mission to treat all Medicaid-eligible children in this age group and who help make the children's dental care possible.

Jodi Ferguson

ABCD/Oral Health Coordinator

Walla Walla

Mend any broken fences with your mother

Mother's Day is a true time of reflection for me. You see, while my mother is alive in body, she suffers from advanced Alzheimer's disease and I have lost her in spirit and personality more than a few years ago. I am a child in limbo.

My mother is neither living nor deceased. I cannot say hello to her and ask how she is, and I cannot say goodbye, because though she isn't relating to me, in body she still exists. She knows me not at all, not as her child, not as a friend, not even as someone who cares for her, though I do.

If your mother is living and lucid, you are so fortunate. Please take the time to mend any broken fences with your mom (or if you are the mom, with your children), and consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to do so.

Wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and all the children of mothers.

Christie Fuller

Walla Walla

A glimmer of hope

This has not been a good year for those who believe in limited government. Optimists can take solace from the fact that in a democracy the pendulum swings from right to left and back again. A more pleasant state of affairs than living in Hitler's Germany, where the pendulum was stuck hard right, or Stalin's Russia, where it was clamped hard left.

Pessimists can point to what appears to be a dark cloud on the horizon. That cloud is actually the shadow of a trial balloon, with the inscription VAT prominently displayed on both sides. The VAT, or value-added tax, is one of the most powerful engines ever devised to pump resources from the private sector into government. If it were to be enacted, the task of shrinking the federal government would become infinitely more difficult.

Should we be optimistic or pessimistic? The next election is the key. The polls provide a glimmer of hope.

Gordon Philpot

Walla Walla

Tuesday is day to recognize outstanding teachers

Tuesday is National Teacher Day. Walla Walla Public Schools teachers provide our students a world-class education in a loving, caring and safe environment. The average tenure for a teacher in our district is more than 13 years. This is important on several levels.

First, this length of service equates to experience. Our teachers have the training and expertise necessary to help meet the needs of all students. Secondly, it tells us our teachers are happy. Employees who feel supported and appreciated are more motivated and do a better job.

Teachers impact our community in many ways. They teach our youths the essential skills needed to be competitive in the 21st century. Teachers are role models, friends, colleagues and neighbors who deeply care about our city and our world. They are quick to lend a hand for those in need or join in a celebration to recognize an accomplishment.

If you ever find yourself in need of a smile, just visit a school. The magic our teachers perform on a daily basis is truly a work of art. They inspire our children and help cultivate their dreams. They are true heroes who shy from the spotlight to allow our children to bask in the glory.

This time of the year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on a teacher who made a difference in your life. This good work continues today as teachers in Walla Walla classrooms enrich the lives of our most precious resource; our children.

Please join me in recognizing Walla Walla's outstanding teachers on National Teacher Day.

Richard Carter, superintendent

Walla Walla School District

Many don't admire Obama

Those who think that Roberta Bardsley is the only one who doesn't admire Obama are wrong! And, to those who think in the same manner as Richard C. Hoffman, I've got news … it was not Roberta who put us in the Twilight Zone, it was a man named Obama, and he continues to do so.

Roberta probably listens to more of the news than many of those writing in to the U-B.

I knew from the get go that Obama was going to be a pain in the United States' rear end. He is a fake and liar, and he is setting the African Americans back thousands of years. So, as far as the Twilight Zone, yes we are there, but this is not a dream, it is for real. If that sets wrong with some out there then do something about it. As far as the Richard C. Hoffmans out there, before they start hammering on someone they should get some facts and find out what they did to the United States of America by allowing someone like Obama into office.

Obama has done nothing but tear our country down. We have members of the military who don't want to serve under him. If he acted like a man and not a mouse, it would be different. It has nothing to do with his ethnic background, either!

People should get that out of their foolish heads right now. Obama is not a president, he is a dictator and he wants this country to be a Third World country. Well, if I wanted to live in fear like the Germans did, I would ask for Hitler back. That's exactly what Obama is. I would say this to anyone who doesn't like our country - get out and stay out. They'd be doing the USA a big favor!

Arlene Hiatt


Do we really need a park downtown?

I am concerned about the safety of shoppers in downtown Walla Walla. Yesterday, as I was walking in front of La Columbina on Main Street, four young boys around the age of 11 or 12 came screaming down the sidewalk on their bikes. One slammed into me and collided with the boy coming around the other side.

By the grace of God, I was able to stay upright. All of my packages went flying. The proprietor of La Columbina came to my aid. I asked the boy's name and his father's name. They aren't in the phone book. He hesitated so I don't think he was telling me the truth.

He did not say he was sorry or ask if I was alright. His friends took off again at break-neck speed. I think these boys must have come from that little park as I saw several young people there as I passed it.

Why is it necessary to have a park right in downtown Walla Walla. It appears to be a hangout for young kids. Why were these boys downtown right after school, no helmets and riding carelessly?

They are a serious hazard. Had I fallen, I would have landed on his bike. I have had a cornea transplant and bad knees. I cannot afford to fall, on concrete of all things, after being slammed by a rude child who has no business being downtown in the first place. The proprietor of La Columbina said she witnesses this behavior every day. Kids on skateboards and bikes have scared people who are leaving her shop.

She said she calls the police repeatedly. The officer I spoke to said he has talked to bikers. Apparently they are not listening. I think an officer should stand in the La Columbina store after school and see for himself what goes on.

What do you think the big draw of that downtown park is for young kids? I don't think it has anything to do with nature.

Are parents aware of where their kids are after school and what they are doing? I am sure this young boy went right home and told his mother and dad that he slammed into a lady downtown. In hindsight, I should have detained that kid until the police arrived.

Donna Parenteau

Walla Walla

Easter production should be repeated

To hell with the devil ... A righteous, rockin', Easter show of reality put on by the Stateline Community Church was a powerful bold attempt to turn today's fallen man to God's Word. Radically, intelligently presented, it captured a large attendance at four showings.

It's hard for modern man to get his thinking around the fact that a man of history who walked this Earth was resurrected from the grave and is today seated on the throne of heaven and Earth. In a spiritual sense, faith is available for us to have a personal relationship with his power to move and have His being in us as sons and daughters for a new Earth to come.

Wake up calls, however are not worth the paper written on, unless the human body is moved to listening to the inner voice as was done with a call to radically change the way we live, spend our money and time on habits and entertainments of death to our time on Earth.

My hope is this production will be presented again in the community and other dramas of realism like this are made available to the public in the future.

Phillip Monfort


Let's look at ‘Bibleism'

A writing in the April 18 Union-Bulletin was entitled: "Christian ‘Bibleism' replaces belief in God."

Let us first consider the word ‘Bibleism.' Webster's New World Dictionary says: "any doctrine, theory, system, etc. whose name ends in -ism-; is usually disparaging."

When we look up "disparaging" in the Doubleday Roget's Thesaurus in dictionary form, we find the following: disparage; demean, belittle, discredit, minimize, depreciate, criticize, under-value, under-praise, disdain, dismiss.

Are such words as these accurate when referring to the Bible? Certainly not!

The Bible helps us to see what we are as men. One word encompasses the whole of our condition: "sinful." Sinful includes being spiritually blind, deaf, dumb, lame, and even dead. The Bible also describes God's salvation for our sinful condition: "the man Christ Jesus." And that is what the New Testament is mainly about. John 20:31 tells us his writing exists so we could believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing, we can have life in His name. And that is just one verse in the whole New Testament. Marvelous!

Countless people have believed that the Lord Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, because of reading from the Bible or hearing preaching based upon the Bible. And they in turn received God's life, thereby becoming children of God.

Suppose many of those countless ones had been in the company of some who used stumbling-block words such as "Bibleism." Consider how much more devouring the devil would have done. Think of how much less glory God would have received. Or how many fewer brothers the firstborn Son would have. And that many more would not have believed in the Lord Jesus' death and resurrection, and would still be in their sins. And how much less rejoicing there would have been among the angels.

No wonder the Bible encourages parents to read the Bible to their children. And for us to read the Bible, too. We owe many thanks to those who have translated the Hebrew and Greek holy writings into the many languages. We should also appreciate Gutenberg for inventing the printing press and the numerous preaching ones for their inspirational, godly speaking.

Dick Zimmerman

Walla Walla


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