Cool, damp April cuts into dry spell

But although the month had its share of rain, it still fell a bit short of normal.



AFTER THE STORM---Pear blossoms sparkle with rain from a passing storm as it breaks up and moves east, opening the sky to patches of blue and sunlit highlights. April 2, 2010 Jeff Horner Photo

WALLA WALLA -- April showers were in abundance last month, but the total still came up a tad short.

Despite a downpour on April 27 which dumped an inch of rain on the area, total precipitation for the month totaled 1.79 inches, a mark that was .04 inches under the normal mark, according to the National Weather Service.

Overall measurable precipitation of at least .01 inch fell on 11 days during the month. Total rain and snowfall this year now stands at 5.52 inches, a mark 2.73 inches below normal. Since October, water year precipitation at Walla Walla has been 10.81 inches which is 4.57 inches below normal.

The month was also a bit cooler than expected, the weather service reported. The average temperature was 51.6 degrees which was 1.1 degrees below normal. The warmest day was 79 degrees April 19 and the coolest night was April 10 when the mercury dipped to 28 degrees, the only day with freezing temperatures during the month.

The highest wind gust occurred April 2 when a gust of 51 mph was recorded at Walla Walla Regional Airport.

Warmer weather is forecast for this month with above-normal temperatures and near-normal precipitation, according to the national Climate Prediction Center. Normal highs for Walla Walla are 72 degrees during the day and normal lows are about 48 degrees.

Normal precipitation is 1.95 inches based on a 30-year average.

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