LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - It is the kids who have lost


When I moved to Prescott 32 years ago, it was 1978, and the river flowed down through this little valley. It was kind of froze up that Jan. 4, but it was flowing underneath the ice. Now, there's been a heap of water that's flowed down through its banks since then, and I've seen a passel of kids grow up as they do in small towns everywhere.

I thought I saw a need for a person to help out in this little community, and I was asked if I would help out. So I got on board the stagecoach, and thought I could be of some help. I had heard there were a few problems with the route we were taking, but I stayed aboard.

Then at our January board meeting, I really became aware of how many rocks there were in the road we were on. Since then, you would have thought that we, (on the stage), were the sons of Satan, and we were warned that If we continued down this here road, we would surely be sorry to be on the stage.

Well, now, the public has spoken, and when I step out on my front porch, there will be no children laughing and screaming and splashing in the pool a block away.

Anyway, I'll defer to the will of the people. It's the kids who have lost, folks. And guess what, the water will still be a flowing down the ol' Touchet river.

Don Hollenbaugh


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