Wa-Hi boys run to Big Nine title; girls second

The Blue Devil boys win their fifth title in a row, while the girls get some help to grab second.


PASCO - The Wa-Hi boys track team secured the regular-season Columbia Basin Big Nine title in a meet here Wednesday. The girls finished second for the season.

"We had a really solid meet today," said Wa-Hi coach Eric Hisaw. "It was a phenomenal regular season and I'm just thrilled for the kids to end the season the way the did. Those are outstanding accomplishments for both teams."

Both the boys and girls teams had two victories at the three-school match.

Pasco's boys had one win and Eastmont's girls had one win.

Jamie Weisner led the Blue Devils girls, posting wins in the 300-meter hurdles, javelin and long jump.

"She continues to be a rock for us," Hisaw said. "She's so consistent and competitive and is a great leader for us."

Sydney Christianson posted two wins, in shot put and discus.

Gabby Anderson won in the 100 hurdles.

"She had her breakout 100 hurdles today," Hisaw said of Anderson. "And she really took off, it was a sensational race for her."

Rachel Adkins won the 200 dash, then had a personal record in the triple jump of 34 feet, 9 inches, good enough for second place.

"She really got focused and dug deep," Hisaw said.

Rachel Nelson placed second in the 3200, behind Pasco's Marisa Vander Malle, who has the third-best area record at that distance.

Nelson's time of 11:32.10 was a new personal record

"She ran very smart and is going to be really fun to watch next Friday at districts," Hisaw said.

Wa-Hi senior Emma Burgess took the first win of her career in the 1600 in 5:53.10.

"She just outwilled the other kids from Eastmont," Hisaw said.

Eastmont's Nicole Craig finished second in 5:54.42.

"(Burgess) ran so tough and wouldn't be denied," Hisaw said. "She's such a great kid and it's neat to see all of her hard work pay off."

In the 300, Wa-Hi finished with the top three spots. Weisner won, followed by Gabby Anderson and Ashley Cornia.

The pattern repeated in shot put, when Christensen won, followed by Leslie Prendiville and Allyssa Barnett.

And although Wa-Hi has strong track athletes, the match Wednesday was won on points from all finishers, Hisaw said.

"It was the kids that finished second or third, and (had) personal records to get points for us where we really needed them," he said.

About 20 freshman and sophomores made an impact, he said.

"It seemed that the girls really wanted to put their foot down and let people know that they were here to show everyone what they were about."

The girls finished 12-2. The two losses were by a combined seven points, Hisaw said.

"That's heartbreaking, but just a sensational year," he said. "To finish second in any sport in this league is so impressive and this senior class led the way for us. We're so young, but the freshman and sophomores followed the lead of our older kids and found out how to get prepared, focus, be mentally touch and how to fight."

Eisenhower's girls will finish first if they beat Sunnyside and Chiawana at a meet today.

The boys won their title and the top of the league outright with two wins.

"Just like in the girls' meet, the story of the day goes to the kids that were second and third," Hisaw said. "They had marvelous days.

"Ryan Harmon, Jesus Ceron, Jonah Hoe, Ty Hafen, Austin Morgan, Logan Reardon, Dylan Shenefield, Dallas Jimenez ... they were the ones that really helped change the course of the meet," he continued. "They knew their roles, were confident and really competed well."

Aaron Nelson, Kyle Jameson and J.P. Wolpert finished in the top three spots in the 800, and Nelson, Ty Hafen, Wolpert and Jeremiah Mason finished in the top four spots in the 1600.

Ty Hafen finished second in the 1600 with a PR of 4:50.75.

"He ran on pure guts at the end," Hisaw said. "He was spent, but did he compete. It was just fantastic to see him work the way he did at the end of the mile, to PR by over five seconds."

Dylan Shenefield placed second in the discus with a PR of 120-08.

"He finally had the discus throw he's been waiting for," Hisaw said. "I'm so happy for him. He's worked so hard for his senior season and it's been a struggle until today. He's never hung his head, pouted or felt sorry for himself. Every day, he's just gone back to practice and worked harder to get it done."

Ryan Harming finished fourth in the pole vault at 11-06. "He's starting to really get the hang of it and he is truly coming on right now," Hisaw said. "I'm really excited about the direction he's heading going into next week, as he may surprise some people."

Several Wa-Hi boys finished at the top of their events.

"They came in and took care of business, and did exactly what they're supposed to do - win," Hisaw said. "They took charge from the get-go and created the environment that (said) we were not going to be stopped today."

Aaron Nelson (800, 1600), Brandon Porter (shotput, javelin) and Garrett Gerling (110 hurdles, 300 hurdles) had two wins apiece. Austin Schilling (400) and Tim McEuen (high jump) had one each.

"As a team, I'm just so proud of these guys," Hisaw said. "The year didn't start the way we wanted it to, but we've truly been on a mission the last four league meets. We've just steam-rolled people, I mean really dominated from start to finish. We've had bad weather, set backs, illnesses, injuries, and we just kept getting better and better and better."

It's also been a good team environment, despite the individual nature of track events, he said.

"These guys feed off one another," he said. "I know in the 12 years I've been here, I've never seen a boys' team support each other like this. Everyone supports everyone and really cares about the events they are not in. Sprinters cheering on distance kids, who help out our jumpers who support our sprinters. It's as special a group as we've maybe ever had in terms of a true ‘team' atmosphere."

This is the fifth straight year the boys have won the league.

"Man, that's just unreal. It's something you don't talk about doing, but it's the standard now and they expect to be there every year," Hisaw said.

Both the boys and girls have set a high bar for future teams.

"They are great people, outstanding students, better teammates, and unbelievable competitors. It's a privilege to be associated with them every day. They are a group that, as a coaching staff, you never want to lose. They've set the bar really high for the next group to live up to."

Wa-Hi is off until districts May 14 in Richland.

Southridge originally won the girls' title, but participated in too many meets due to a misinterpretation of state rules, so its wins were forfeited, as were Richland's. Neither school is eligible to win the CBBN dual-meet title for the boys or girls.


100 meter - 1. Brandon Search, Pasco, 11.33; 2. Rainer Luhrs, Pasco, 11.34; 3. Austin Schilling, Wa-Hi, 11.44. 200 - 1. Marques Avery, Pasco, 22.02; 2. Garrett Gerling, Wa-Hi, 22.43; 3. Presley Powell, Pasco, 23.67. 400 - 1. Schilling, Wa-Hi, 53.47; 2/ Devante Lamb, Pasco, 55.21; 3. Bret Reller, Wa-Hi, 55.36. 800 - 1. Aaron Nelson, Wa-Hi, 2:03.50; 2. Kyle Jameson, Wa-Hi, 2:04.26; 3. JP Wolpert, Wa-Hi, 2:05.33. 1600 - 1. Nelson, Wa-Hi, 4:40.79; 2. Ty Hafen, Wa-Hi, 4:50.75; 3. JP Wolper, Wa-Hi, 4:50.97. 3200 - 1. Zane Carlson, Eastmont, 9:55.15; 2. Brandon Edmondson, Eastmont, 10:03.17; 3. Austin Morgan, Wa-Hi, 10:04.31. 4x100 RELAY - 1. Pasco (Avery, Luhrs, Search, Austin Wilborn), 43.43. 2. Wa-Hi (Jonah Hoe, Jesus Ceron, Schilling, Gerling), 44.28. 4x400 RELAY - 1. Pasco (Avery, Jordan Le Mieux, Powell, Luhrs), 3:33.01. 2. Wa-Hi (Schilling, Blake Gerling, Sawyer Neiffer, Kyle Jameson), 3:40.09. 3. Eastmont (Phillip Green, Brayden Countryman, Mitch Meyers, Ian Pierce), 3:42.37.

110 HURDLES - 1. Garrett Gerling, Wa-Hi, 14.57; 2. Lee Moulton, Pasco, 15.61; 3. Tim McEuen, Wa-Hi, 15.72. 300 HURDLES - 1. Gerling, Wa-Hi, 38.9; 2. Luhrs, Pasco, 40.04; 3. Jordan Le Mieux, Pasco, 41.02.

SHOT PUT - 1. Brandon Porter, Wa-Hi, 47-05.00; 2. Jacob Price, Pasco, 46-08.00; 3. Dallas Jimenez, Wa-Hi, 43.00.50. DISCUS - 1. Jesse Holm, Eastmont, 126-00; 2. Dylan Shenefield, Wa-Hi, 120-08; 3. Lucas McGill, Eastmont, 115-03. JAVELIN - 1. Porter, 2. Pat Jacobus, Eastmont, 168-10; 3. Jacob Price, Pasco, 143-04. HIGH JUMP - 1. Tim McEuen, Wa-Hi, 6-02.00; 2. Search, Pasco, 6-00.00; 3. Le Mieux, Pasco, 5-08.00. POLE VAULT - Berlie Walker, Eastmont, 13-00.00; 2. Joey Caron, Eastmont, 13-00.00; 3. Troy Williams, Pasco, 11-06.00. LONG JUMP - 1. Search, Pasco, 20.06.75; 2. Austin Wilborn, Pasco, 19.09.75; 3. Jonah Hoe, Wa-Hi, 19-08.75. TRIPLE JUMP - 1. Wilborn, Pasco, 40-3.00; 2. Jesus Ceron, Wa-Hi, 39-04.25; 3. Justyn Corter, Eastmont, 38-11.00.


100 METER - 1. Rackel Adkins, Wa-Hi, 13.17; 2. Jessika Hardgrove, Eastmont, 13.23; 3. Sarai Seekamp, Wa-Hi, 13.46. 200 - 1. Adkins, Wa-Hi, 27.83; 2. Sydney Schwilke, Eastmont, 28.03; 3. Brittany Gibbar, Wa-Hi, 28.17. 400 - 1. Janette Rodriguez, Pasco, 1:01.00; 2. Missy Everson, Pasco, 1:04.01; 3. Maggie Callan, Wa-Hi, 1:04.44. 800 - 1. Hannah Moreland, Eastmont, 2:32.14; 2. Grace Benge, Eastmont, 2:32.68; 3. Annie Neff, Eastmont, 2:35.85. 1600 - 1. Emma Burgess, Wa-Hi, 5:53.10; 2. Nicole Craig, Easmont, 5:54.42; 3. Kayla Gelbe, Eastmont, 5:54.42. 3200 - 1. Marisa Vander Malle, Pasco, 10:50.29; 2. Rachel Nelson, Wa-Hi, 11:32.10; 3. Emily Frasier, Eastmont, 12:26.91. 4x100 RELAY - 1. Eastmont (Hardgrove, Taylor Reynolds, SheaAnna Jones, Megan McCart), 51.67; 2. Wa-Hi (Kailee Davisson,Maggie Callan, Rachel Adkins, Brittany Gibbar), 51.77. 4x200 - 1. Eastmont (Hardgrove, Reynolds, McCart, Jones), 1:50.67; 2. Wa-Hi (McKhayla Morris, Gabby Anderson, Sarai Seekamp, Gibbar), 1:51.02.

100 HURDLES - 1. Anderson, Wa-Hi, 15.88; 2. Jamie Weisner, Wa-Hi, 16.31; 3. Kendell Gilmore, Pasco, 17.12. 300 HURDLES - 1. Weisner, Wa-Hi, 47.43; 2. Anderson, Wa-Hi, 50.45; 3. Ashley Cornia, Wa-Hi, 50.85. SHOT PUT - Sydney Christensen, Wa-Hi, 34-04.50; 2. Leslie Prendiville, Wa-Hi, 30-09.00; 3. Allyssa Barnett, Wa-Hi, 29-11.50. DISCUS - 1. Christensen, Wa-Hi, 107-09; 2. Virginia Roth, Pasco, 98-10; 3. Bailey Norval, Eastmont, 98-02. JAVELIN - 1. Weisner, Wa-Hi, 123-07; 2. Alma Diaz, Pasco, 95-10; 3. Hailey Silvers, Pasco, 94-08. HIGH JUMP - 1. Tati Hankins, Eastmont, 4-10.00; 2. Kendell Gilmore, Pasco, 4-08.00; 3. Peyton Baxter, 4-06.00. POLE VAULT - 1. Janice Barlow, Wa-Hi, 9-06.00; 2. Marina Heminger, Eastmont, 8-00.00; 3. Jennifer Goodwin, Wa-Hi, 8-00.00. LONG JUMP - 1. Weisner, Wa-Hi, 16-03.25; 2. Janette Rodriguez, Pacso, 14-09.75; 3. Alicen Freeeman, Wa-Hi, 14-05.00. TRIPLE JUMP - 1. Taylor Reynolds, Eastmont, 35-11.00; 2. Rachel Adkins, Wa-Hi, 34-09.00; 3. Tati Hankins, Eastmont, 31-01.50.


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