Eagle Meadows to host ‘Furry Friends Dog Show'

The event will be from 2-4 p.m. May 27 at 550 E. Whitman Drive, College Place.


Dogs give us love and their wonderful antics make us laugh.

Laughter makes life better and research is showing what we already knew: it's good for us!

Dog-lovers rejoice, there's another opportunity coming up to praise the unconditional love and loyalty of our best friends.

Eagle Meadows, 550 E. Whitman Drive, College Place, hosts the "Furry Friends Dog Show" 2-4 p.m. May 27.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and watch, said Annette Phillips, Eagle Meadows Community

Sales Manager. Applications to show your furry friend are being taken until Thursday.

It's all about loving animals and having fun. Purebred or of questionable parentage, Australian shepherd, border collie or wiener dog, they make us smile. "It's a casual dog show," Phillips said. "The dog can be a hundred percent pure mutt. We have categories for the most talented, the smallest, largest, longest/shortest tail, fattest, skinniest, you name it. It's going to be fun for everybody." Prizes will be awarded in each category. Judging will be by staff of Wags to Whiskers and Haute Dog Pet Resort.

It's the first time for the dog show. The idea came from inspiration during Eagle Meadows' annual spring fashion show. "The administrator's dog, a long haired Chihuahua, came out all dressed like a biker babe and it was hilarious. We all laughed so hard. Everyone loved it!" So an idea was born: let's have a dog show.

It's casual and fun. Everyone is welcome to fill out an application to enter their dog. If your dog is shy and would rather stay home, you're still invited to come and watch. The judging will be held at Eagle Meadows in the backyard. Seating will be available, both inside and outside. Refreshments for people and dogs will also be available. It's casual, fun and meant to be full of laughter.

However professionals will be on hand. "We will have an obedience show," Phillips said. "A member of the Kennel Club will be there to give a demonstration of actual obedience skills."

The response to the idea has been enthusiastic, according to Phillips. "Everyone's very excited," she said. "I went around to the Vet's offices and everybody's excited." Area seniors organizations will be in the loop as well.

Events such as the dog show as well as the annual fashion show provide residents and the community in general to get together and have fun, according to Phillips.

For more information call 509-526-7007.


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