Letters to the editor - 5/23/10


Watchdogs help promote smart growth

I am guessing that Ralph Nader would be pleased to know he shared the front page with Citizens for Good Governance and Futurewise.

These diligent watchdogs have been successful, once again, in their efforts to protect the environment and promote smart growth.

Their challenge of the Critical Areas regulations is such a great example of citizens who, as Ralph said, realize the "power and responsibility of individuals to make change happen."

My hat is off to these folks, and I hope those who were inspired by Mr. Nader's words on Wednesday night will strive to follow their lead.

Linda Herbert

Walla Walla

War, oil and money

Many of those who are younger than me seem to have little knowledge of history or civics, so let me remind them that if you review the Korean conflict, the Vietnam conflict, the Granada conflict, the first Iraq conflict, the second Iraq conflict and the Afghanistan conflict, it is fundamentally incorrect to refer to them as "wars." The Constitution clearly specifies that war can be declared only by Congress and this was never done in any of the above situations.

It is also amusing to realize that nobody surrendered in any of the above conflicts (so far), no peace treaties were signed, and no one was declared a victor by anyone except by themself.

It is also silly to refer to the "War on Drugs," "The War on Poverty" and any other "domestic Wars" that I have missed. Using the word "war" is grossly misappropriate in these situations.

War is a very serious issue. People die in wars. This is not something to treat casually. And remember, it is not only Americans who die in wars - consider all the innocent Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis and Afghans who have died as a result of these military actions.

Many more innocent people have died in Iraq than died in the U.S. on 9/11 and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

And it is not only deaths that come with war - consider the sad situation of many of the veterans returning from single and multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All this is an introduction to the astonishment I felt when I read the news announcement that the biggest winners in the unnecessary Iraqi adventure (aka the "war in Iraq") undertaken by Bush and a very compliant Congress are the Chinese.

Alan Greenspan admitted (and he is hardly a well-known liberal) the conflict in Iraq was all about oil.

So let me quote from the news story. "A China-led consortium sealed a deal with Iraq today to develop a prized cluster of three oil fields in the country's south, bringing China closer to becoming the dominant foreign player in Iraq's recovering oil sector."

Well done, President Bush-Cheney. Well done Congress and well done BP-Chevron-Shell-Exxon and all the independents. It's not about oil - it's about money.

Dick Swenson

Walla Walla

Good people of WW willing to help

I had a short emergency visit to Walla Walla and I wanted to praise all the wonderful, kind, courteous people I met and who helped in so many ways on my visit.

I especially want to point out Kathy Martin, who is the county clerk, the staffs at Super 8 Motel, Capri Motel and Colonial Motel for locating me a room for the busiest weekend on short notice.

There were others who made calls for me and gave me rides. People were so polite and willing to help.

After the fast pace in a very large city, I was reminded of all the good people in Walla Walla who are always so willing to stop and help.

Deedee Bond

Mesa, Ariz.

Leashing dogs at Bennington Lake?

I understand there is an effort to require leashes on all dogs at Bennington Lake. This is a huge mistake as there are so many dog lovers who enjoy walking and training their dogs without a leash.

I'm sure there are a few dogs that should be leashed and I have encountered some that have leashes on.

Most were small dogs that are defensive. People who understand dogs know that most dogs will visit peacefully with other dogs if they are not leashed.

If you doubt this please visit the Dog Park.

Also, there is a leashed-dogs-only path by Walla Walal Community College those leash lovers might try using.

Bob Ruthven

Walla Walla


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