Businesses asked to help with survey


A new survey of business operators wants opinions on Washington's work force.

More than 4,000 businesses in Washington will get a written survey or be called on the telephone for information about their experiences and practices in finding skilled workers. More than 2,400 employers will also be contacted via telephone to ask about their satisfaction with the skills of recently hired employees, according to the announcement on the survey.

The surveys are intended to act as a barometer on whether Washington has the skilled workers needed to succeed. The questions have been asked every other year since the 1990s, but answers are particularly important now because of the recession.

Surveys in the past have shown many employers have struggled to find enough skilled workers, even in a down economy.

The surveys were developed and will be analyzed by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, the state agency that plans, monitors and works to improve the state's worker training system. The surveys are endorsed by the Association of Washington Business and the Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Survey results will be published in late fall. To view the 2007 Employer Survey results, visit:


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