LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - No need for leashes at Bennington Lake


After reading Bob Ruthven's letter in Sunday's paper, Monty and I felt compelled to reply and support his letter regarding unleashed dogs at Bennington Lake.

We've walked that area several times a week for years with our lab Bruce, because dogs can be dogs there. They can run, sniff, pee on their favorite bushes, play in the water, meet, greet and sniff other dogs and their walkers, who are there for the same purpose and reasons. There are few areas left where we can walk safely with our unleashed dogs and would be greatly saddened and disappointed if we lost that ability.

Logic and common sense tells us that those concerned can walk their leashed dogs most anywhere -- through town, their neighborhoods, paved walking/bike paths, sidewalks, but I have trouble with those who try to ban us from a small area in Walla Walla where dogs have enjoyed their unleashed freedom.

Yes, we have a dog park, which does indeed fulfill a need, but it's not a replacement for a long walk with our furry buddies through a woodsy dog paradise.

Granted, there are always a few rude dogs/owners who make the rest of us who are well-mannered with well-behaved dogs (the majority) look bad, but they are everywhere unfortunately, be it Bennington or our own neighborhoods.

I do encourage those who feel as we do, along with Mr. Ruthven, to voice your concerns and support regarding this important matter, or I fear our long walks at Bennington will only be a memory and just another freedom lost.

Susan Price
Walla Walla


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