Walla Walla Council OKs $850,000 for new fire truck

A bond sale will pay for the engine and ladder, which will replace one that has been in service since 1982.

WALLA WALLA -- Council members on Wednesday night unanimously approved a last-minute request from staff to buy a new fire engine and ladder for $850,000.

All Council members were present at that meeting.

The new engine will replace the current ladder and engine unit that has been in service since 1982.

The city will pay for the new equipment through general obligation bonds.

City Manager Nabiel Shawa explained that since the city is already planning to sell $12 million in general obligation bonds early next month, adding the $850,000 will mean a more favorable interest rate than with a separate sale.

Fire Chief Terry Thomas noted that though the current engine and ladder rig is safe, it has needed greater amounts of maintenance and more down-time in recent years, included a 10-month out-of-service stint while parts were being located.

The engine and ladder unit now serves as backup for the department and has been used over the years to fight multistory building fires and other fires where firefighters needed elevation.

In 2001 the current ladder engine was used to help find the Denny Building, and it was also used in 2003 to fight the Adams Tractor Co. fire.

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