Dayton Days pari-mutuel horse races slated this weekend

Nine races are set for Saturday's race card as part of the annual event.


DAYTON - Two days of pari-mutuel horse racing are on tap this weekend as part of the annual Dayton Days celebration, and there are plenty of horses on hand.

Saturday's race card here includes nine races - five for Thoroughbreds and four for Quarter Horses - and all but one will feature a full eight-horse field. And most of the full fields have other eligible horses available.

"Partly it's because Boise is not running races this weekend," Dayton director of racing Melissa Hansen said. "Usually, Boise is.

"It also may be because there has been so much talk about this possibly being the last year of racing here as well as in Waitsburg and Walla Walla," Hansen said. "I think the horsemen are turning out, trying to keep us in the game."

The three weekends of racing in the Walla Walla Valley are in jeopardy because of increased insurance costs.

Saturday's card includes three featured races: The Archer Family Memorial, a 6 1/2-furlong test for Thoroughbreds who have not won a race in 2010; the third annual Pam Hutchison Breast Cancer Awareness race at 5 furlongs for Thoroughbreds who have never won three races; and the $5,000 Challenge Purse, a Quarter Horse Allowance test at 250 yards.

Hansen said she is expecting "about the same number" of races on Sunday, a card that will include the Thoroughbred Queen's Derby at a mile and a 1/16 and the Bill Eades Memorial, also a Thoroughbred race.

Weather, Hansen said, is probably the biggest concern for the weekend. Rain has prevailed most of the week but the forecast for the weekend is slightly improved.

Admission to the races is $4 for adults and $2 for children 6-to-15 years of age. Those under 6 are admitted free.

Post time is 1 p.m. both days.

Saturday's overnight

FIRST RACE (Quarter Horse Maiden, 2-year-olds, 250 yards) - 1, Wisedigger, Terrance Birdrattler; 2, Danner, Freddy Ibarra; 3, Streakin Bully, Ashley Zacherle; 4. Mongoose Orbit, Ruben Camacho; 5, Mary Has It All, Joe. Crispin; 6, Talia Princess, Connie. Doll; 7, Catch a Medal, N. Parker; 8, Lil Lincoln, Glen Goosby; **Also Eligibles** 9, Catlow Rim, Glen Goosby.

SECOND RACE (Thoroughbred Maiden, Washington bred, 3-year-olds and older, 5 furlongs) - 1, Glitterville, T. Birdrattler; 2, Settlethegrade, R. Camacho; 3, Indys Wild Child, C. Doll; 4, Free Biscuit, Hugo Herrera; 5, Stitchtomylou, G. Goosby; 6, Native Dynasty, A. Zacherle; 7, Luke Stallwalker, Juan Rivera, Jr.; 8, Almost Toast, J. Crispin; **Also Eligibles** 9, Senator D, N. Black; 10, Peachofaree, R. Camacho; 11, Irish Kiot, H. Herrera; 12, Buzz' Dream Weaver, R. Camacho.

THIRD RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older, 5 furlongs) - 1, Shad, L. Torres; 2, Totally Brilliant, T. Birdrattler; 3, Tough Shot, C. Doll; 4, Hubble Cast, A. Zacherle; 5, Box Top, N. Black; 6, Stunning Style, H. Herrera; 7, Giggle for Goldy, R. Camacho.

FOURTH RACE (Quarter Horse Maiden, 3-years-old and older, 250 yards) - 1, Concho Kelly, A. Zacherle; 2, Smugglers Ridge, R. Camacho; 3, Peggy Again, H. Herrera; 4, Slightly Moonstruck, T. Birdrattler; 5, Jets Casino Cash, G. Goosby; 6, Paraphrase, J. Torres; 7, Kip N Cash, J. Crispin; 8a, Sittin On a Secret, F. Ibarra; **Also Eligibles** 9, Oldies Red Filly, J. Crispin; 10, Mc Flash, C. Doll; 11, Make Mischief, C. Doll; 12, Runnin Ona Dream, C. Doll.

FIFTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older which have not won a race in 2010, 6 1/2 furlongs) - 1, Bound to Be Free, G. Goosby; 2, Everyday Eddie, J. Rivera, Jr.; 3, Historic Event, C. Doll; 4, West Walker, A. Zacherle; 5, Bullish Yield, L. Torres; 6, He's Ally's Topone, T. Birdrattler; 7, Rudeameanie, H. Herrera; 8, Hollywood Brass, Nikeela Black; **Also Eligibles** 9, Tayo's Tiger, T. Birdrattler.

SIXTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older which have never won two races, 5 furlongs) - 1, Sher Veil, H. Herrera; 2, Baby Gotham, N. Black; 3, Snowbound Queen, G. Goosby; 4, Alpine Star, C. Doll; 5, Slews Aneata. R. Camacho; 6, Deep River, L. Torres; 7, Rocadee, T. Birdrattler; 8, Chrometastic, N. Parker; **Also Eligibles** 9, Arizona Diamond, J. Crispin; 10, Indy n' Slew, A. Zacherle; 11, Snowbound Vicky, F. Ibarra; 12, Trieste'd N True, A. Zacherle.

SEVENTH RACE (Quarter Horse Allowance, 3-year-olds and older which have never won two races, 250 yards)_ 1, Dont Look Back, F. Ibarra; 2, Its a Royal Star, T. Birdrattler; 3, Fastfractions, G. Goosby; 4, Mayday Malone, J. Crispin; 5, Mountain Magic, R. Camacho; 6, Call Me a Yankee, C. Doll; 7, Storms Meow, L. Torres; 8, Trudy's Bianca, L. Torres; **Also Eligibles** 9, Lassies Last Chick, J. Crispin.

EIGHTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older which have never won three races, 5 furlongs) - 1, Amazing Feat, R. Camacho; 2, I C a Charm, G. Goosby; 3, Debop, J. Crispin; 4, Akickatthekat, H. Herrera; 5, Liberty At the Bar, T. Birdrattler; 6, Whatsamillion, C. Doll; 7, Bandalito Hombre, N. Black; 8, Trudy's Bianca, L. Torres; **Also Eligibles** 9, King's Jenie, N. Black; 10, Keger, N. Black.

NINTH RACE (Quarter Horse Handicap Stakes, 3-year-olds and older that are AQHA challenge enrolled, 250 yards) - 1, Shazoomin for Honor, F. Ibarra; 2, Eyes Okey, H. Herrera; 3, Iza All Dat N More, R. Camacho; 4, Hannibal Lector, G. Goosby; 5, Trash in the Air, T. Birdrattler; 6, Victorys Wicked Lad, J. Crispin; 7, Runnin for the Boys, C. Doll; 8, Tombstone Tina, N. Black; **Also Eligibles** 9, Just a Rumor, L. Torres; 10, Alacran Juan, L. Torres; 11, Mo Cash Billy Bob, J. Crispin; 12, Cowboys First Review, A. Zacherle.


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