College Place goats on their way to the Philippines


COLLEGE PLACE - A small herd of goats from College Place should soon make a big impact on some people's lives.

The 13 does and one buck belonging to Kathy Evans and Susan Calahan are being readied for shipment to the Philippines. After being shipped from Evans' farm on McKinney Road, the dairy goats will join others being collected for a government program to aid disadvantaged families.

The goats, a mix of Alpine and Toggenberg breeds, are due to taken away within the next couple weeks. They have been kept separated from the many other goats and kids that form the Waiilatpu Alpines and Toggenbergs herd, a name chosen by Evans in 1980 due to the farm's close proximity of the Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

Calahan said they were contacted about the first of the year by Dan Considine about providing goats for the Philippine program. A resident of Portage, Wis., Considine is on the board of directors for the American Dairy Goat Association, of which Calahan and Evans are lifetime members. Next came a visit from the shipper, who selected the chosen does and buck from the herd.

Since then the animals have undergone a range of examinations and vaccinations to make sure they are cleared for takeoff, Evans said."They were tested for all kinds of things," she said as she readied hay recently for the regular evening feeding time.

Evans, who grew up on a farm in Oregon where dairy goats were an important source of milk, has had goats on the farm since 1974. She started the registered herd of Alpines in 1980 with four doe kids. Calahan joined Waiilatpu in 1991.

This isn't the first time their animals have gone overseas, Calahan said, but this time it is for little or no profit. While they are receiving $325 apiece for the animals, that is well under their usual selling price, she said. On top of that, the pair are picking up veterinarian fees and transportation costs.

But, as Evans said, "it's always nice to help out another human being."

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