Be nice to bike riders

A powerful car engine is still too often the unfortunate and abusive winner over a two-wheel rider.

It is a reminder for me first because it's easy to place blame on others, but I believe we can all do something to become more civil people.

Drivers should be more careful toward bike riders who promote a happy and ecologic way of living based on the love for simple things. When I ride to work it is like a real experience involving all my senses, the fresh air in my face, the strength I put in my legs to keep myself moving and my heart rate going up. I watch for cars and traffic lights and I enjoy the nice season even more.

We locally have good bicycle shops able to assist us in finding the bike that fits us best and/or fix the bikes we already have. Also they organize social rides. In some of these rides they offer you ice cream at the end of the ride. At times, if you stop by their places before going to work you get free coffee and cookies. They do what they can to encourage people in choosing the bicycle over the car. It is a good idea to check with them on their next event.

I believe this community could still do more to support bike riders by being more careful on the road. Here is a tip for bike riders: Establish eye contact with car drivers at the intersections. It is an extra warranty that they will notice you on the road and be so nice to let you go first.

Lidia Friederich

Walla Walla

Put lock box on Social Security funds

In regards to the U-B article in the Wednesday, May 19, paper, the fix for Social Security is not making tweaks or adjustment, it is Congress paying back the $1 trillion to $2 trillion it has borrowed with IOUs from the Social Security Trust Fund.

I'm sure not many of the public are aware of this act. It has been going on since around 1990. This is the way members of Congress have funded a lot of their pet port projects.

There should be a lock box put on the trust fund so they can't touch it.

Ronald B. Demaray

Walla Walla

Have we learned from situation?

There's a good side to our present economic dilemma. We, the people, if we are paying attention (some of us are) realize now what our government has been doing (or more specifically, not doing) with our money, our Constitution and our freedom.

Not sure whose side you, the reader, are on, but there is one truth to come out of all this: Those who refuse or fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

A bad quote? Perhaps. But true.

'Nuff said.

Richard Meyers


Blumenthal isn't seeking veteran vote

I just realized why Richard Blumenthal "misspoke" about being a Vietnam combat veteran. He isn't trying to get the veteran vote, he is trying to get the "wannabe" veteran vote.

After all, there are three times more "wannabe" Vietnam veterans than real Vietnam veterans (Department of Defense numbers).

Why waste his time on such a small demographic when he can go for the larger one.

You gotta love politicians.

Al Conetto

Walla Walla


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