LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fond memories of Walla Walla Symphony


I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Walla Walla Symphony online. My memories of the symphony go back to about 1964 when the orchestra performed in the old high school auditorium.

I loved classical music but had not attended a live performance until my mother-in-law at the time, Evelyn Troeh, took me to a concert. The featured artist was pianist and prodigy Lorin Hollander, who was about 20 then.

He played Mussourgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition," and I was transported. When he came out for an encore, Hollander announced he had just had word that his teacher had passed away. Hollander was clearly moved and dedicated the encore to him.

Several years later, I worked with the Oregon Symphony in Portland, and Hollander, by then a musical star, was guest artist for one of the concerts. I was shy about approaching him, but finally did to tell him about my memory of the Walla Walla concert. He was stunned and remembered it as fully as I did. We had a wonderful conversation.

Somewhere in a box of treasures, I have the program from that Walla Walla Symphony concert featuring young Lorin Hollander.

I'm so happy the Walla Walla Symphony is still alive and well.

Molly Larson Cook,
Coupeville, Wash.


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