LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sarah Palin example of Republicanism today


I have voted consistently Republican since being sworn in as a U.S. citizen in 1990. But in recent years I have become more aware of Republican agendas that I find very disturbing.

Some of my concerns:

(1) Republicans often promise to downsize government. That agenda confuses me. We the people are the government (through our elected representatives). I want just as much government as it takes to speak up for me when I cannot do so for myself. Example: Making laws that regulate insurance company behavior so they cannot stop payment for my health care needs.

(2) Republicans for the most part (and some Democrats) do not represent their constituents as much as they represent big corporations after accepting big money from corporate lobbyists. Example: Republican refusal, to the person, to support any of the much needed health-care reform measures that would correct many health insurance abuses, such as discontinuing payments for health care; denying insurance coverage to people with pre-existing health care problems.

(3) Republicans pledge to reverse the health-care reform measures. That is a huge expos?© of Republican allegiance to corporate interests over our needs.

(4) Sarah Palin is very charismatic, a Republican icon and is highly regarded by her fellow Republicans and by many if not a majority of U.S. citizens. But Sarah Palin is not an honest person. For example, she publicly stated that the American health-care system is "the best in the world" and people believe her; the World Health Organization ranks it 37th -- not exactly the "best." She is the one to again mislead the people by misrepresenting part of the health-care reform package as including a "death panel."

Sarah Palin, in my opinion, is an example of Republicanism today.

Arnold Barrett
College Place


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