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Bad Books, "Bad Books"

Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull collaborate to form the Bad Book's first album. Each put forth five songs that are backed by other members of the Manchester Orchestra. Hushed and heartfelt folksy tracks with heady male harmonies. Little pleasant pop stories.

Belle and Sebastian, "Write About Love"

Belle and Sebastian return with their 8th studio album - 11 songs about love. Overall, they seem to be holding back on this album, and it doesn't quite have the same energy or catchiness as their older material. They've definitely changed a lot over the years, and even though I prefer their more hushed sound, this album is full of beautiful moments that remind you why you love Belle and Sebastian so dearly.

Sufjan Stevens, "The Age Adz"

Sufjan finally returns with a full length song-based album. He's become more of a composer/orchestrator over the past years and it's really evident on this album. He mixes his older folkier sound with a heavy use of glitchy electronics and synths. It is at times a little over the top (see the 22 minute auto-tuned "Impossible Soul"). For the most part, Sufjan's electron orchestra creates beautifully detailed songs.


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