LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Business as usual from Party of No


I wonder how many people saw the "talking heads" on the news programs this past weekend.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans are ready to cut federal spending, but said banning "earmarks" is not a realistic way to do that. Meaning: We think cutting federal services and programs makes more sense than to cut our favorite pet projects. We have to pay back all of those political contributions some way!

Rep. Eric Cantor, who is expected to be the next majority leader in the House, said there would be no compromise with the Democrats on whether to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. Meaning: We would rather borrow $70 billion per year and cut federal services and programs to pay for it. We have to pay back all of our political contributors some way!

Yep! It seems like business as usual, for the Party of No!

Wouldn't it be nice if they really did something innovative? What about a flat tax where everyone regardless of income (including corporations) paid their fair share. A system that had no deductions or tax breaks except for jobs created on American soil. Just a suggestion to give them a head start.

Bruce McCutcheon
Walla Walla


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