Walla Walla brothers charged with child rape

Frank J. and Allan F. Avbel are accused of having sex with teens at their home.


WALLA WALLA -- Two local brothers who were arrested last week after reported sexual encounters with underage girls at their home have been formally charged in Walla Walla County Superior Court.

Frank J. Avbel, 24, of 306 Craig St., was charged Friday with three counts of third-degree rape of a child for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl on multiple occasions in September. Allan F. Avbel, 22, is accused of one count of the crime involving a different 14-year-old girl and one count of furnishing liquor to minors. The charges against him were filed Monday.

Police said they began their investigation in the early morning hours of Oct. 24 after receiving a report from the mother of one of the girls. The girl had been attending a party at the Avbels' home. Allan Avbel allegedly had sex with her in his upstairs bedroom.

Several teenage girls reportedly had been participating in drinking games there that morning, with alcohol supplied by the Avbels. The residence is known to authorities as a "party house" and has been the location of multiple complaints, according to a police report filed in court.

During the course of the investigation, police learned that Frank Avbel had had sex with a different 14-year-old girl about 30 times in recent weeks, a police report says. Most of the alleged encounters occurred at the Avbels' home.

The Avbels' parents own the residence, but reportedly are often gone.

Police said they've responded to the house at least 16 times since 2009 for calls consisting of assaults, burglaries, domestic problems, liquor violations and other disturbances.

The Avbels were taken into custody Thursday night and booked into the County Jail. In interviews before their arrests, they admitted sexual activity with the girls, according to police reports. Bail later was set at $100,000 for Frank Avbel, but was reduced Monday to $50,000. Bail for his brother was set at $50,000.

Frank Avbel was arrested on investigation of 30 counts of third-degree rape of a child. But Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joe Golden said in an interview if Avbel is convicted of the three counts as formally charged, the standard-range penalty is 46-60 months in prison. A 60-month term is the maximum allowed under state law for that category of crime regardless of the number of charges.

If Allan Avbel is convicted of the one count, he would face a standard-range prison term of a year-and-a-day to 14 months.

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