LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Nose pickers and naysayers


I have been greatly disappointed with the situation surrounding the Inland Octopus mural. I would like to reply to Mr. Castleman, whose letter who accuses anyone who likes the mural of shopping at Walmart, eating fast food and being a nose picker. Mr. Castleman is absolutely correct.

Most people who like the mural do shop at Walmart, eat fast food and pick their noses -- because they are children.

I was also disappointed in Mayor Clark's letter discussing these issues in last week's newspaper.

I respect her willingness to address the public directly, although I respectfully disagree with her opinion. Mayor Clark stated that a "common-sense test" about whether a mural is really a sign is whether the new owner of the property would leave the mural up. I'm sorry but that reasoning doesn't hold water.

A mural that ties into the culture of food served at a restaurant? A mural of cars on the property of a car repair shop? Yep, those are signs now.

I think we can all infer that the child-like style of the mural offends people. It offends people so much they would talk to other business owners, the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation and the Walla Walla City Council members about having it removed. It apparently offended someone so much they discovered that they could say it was a sign instead of a mural and force it to be removed.

I say let's take all of this action from citizens, foundations, and City Council members and throw it behind cleaning up the eyesore and safety hazard that is the Blue Mountain Mall instead.

Put City Attorney Tim Donaldson in charge of finding out how much they can fine the owners of the mall property daily for their pile of rubble.

And another thing we nose pickers should remember is that four City Council members are up for re-election next year. Those who are concerned about the direction the city of Walla Walla is going in should start thinking about running for City Council now.

We have an opportunity to hit the reset button on city government that we shouldn't let pass by.

Josh Westbrook

Walla Walla


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