LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Parking ordinance needs rewriting


It was interesting to hear about the two-hour parking tickets that are being issued to the surprised folks parked in the downtown area.

To help me understand the parking code I went to the city ordinance, 10.13.010, that spells out the "rule of law" and it reads in part that "Parking in the downtown management area shall be limited to a maximum period of two hours, enforced by the method of marking tires of parked vehicles at timed intervals, which method may be aided by the use of electronic recording devices, by or under the direction of the chief of police."

Now that left me to wonder about the two hours. It is pretty vague but I guess that is a good thing from a fines and fees point of view which means that we can write more tickets and that's good to put more cash in the city kitty and heavens knows we could use a little help with the budget, right.

It does note that marking of tires is the method to be used and not keeping track of the license plate numbers of all the parked cars in the entire area.

The two hours left me to wonder if that is time spent consecutively in the same block or anywhere in the "management area." Maybe it means two hours in the same day or during the week. It could be a lifetime limit of two hours for each of our cars.

It looks like this ordinance is in need of some serious rewriting to really accomplish what we need in the downtown area.

Vern Perry

Walla Walla


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