Drinking and driving can be holiday problem


Law enforcement agencies periodically beef up traffic patrols during the holidays, looking for revelers whose over-consumption of holiday cheer can result in tragedy.

Even without organized enforcement campaigns, police are more aware of the potential for drunken driving because of the numerous parties and get-togethers.

Signs of impairment such as speeding, swerving over center lines and other traffic infractions can lead straight to jail and hundreds of dollars in fines for drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Police have provided these tips for party hosts:

• Make non-alcoholic drinks as inviting and accessible as alcoholic drinks.

• Entertain people with games, music and food.

• Select a bartender who will pour single-shot drinks for guests.

• When people decline alcohol, don't disagree; don't rush to refill glasses. A common rule of thumb is that the body can handle only one drink per hour.

• Stop serving alcohol about one hour before the party ends.

• Offer rides to those who shouldn't drive.


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