Writer's ideas on solving parking won't work

This is in response to the letter written by Richard Sackett on Nov. 21.

I don't have any ideas on how to solve the parking problem, but I do have a few questions for Mr. Sackett.

First, do you or do you know someone who is employed by the local body shops? Narrowing the parking spaces will create more work for the body shops, which I am sure they would enjoy, but at what cost?

Not everyone pays attention when getting in or out of their vehicle, therefore other vehicles receive dents and scratches as one of the vehicles is not parked properly in the space.

Second, have you parked between trucks, vans, anything of any size? It is difficult to have enough space for everyone to enter or exit safely.

Third, have you ever assisted or seen the elderly getting out of a vehicle? I have. They need the space to open the door or to place a walker in order to enter and exit safely, and the parking space is not always level. Therefore space is needed to accomplish this task.

Fourth, larger spaces that you speak of are most likely to aid vehicles to park and exit safely as they are shorter spaces and there is not enough room for another parking space.

Fifth, there will always be people who ignore parking lines, maybe a ticket should be issued to those individuals.

Sixth, shorter time periods won't work. People will just leave town as many do now for out-shopping.

Seventh, incentive to carpool, now that is almost funny. How will anyone know if they carpooled or not, if they are not in the vehicle.

Eighth, the bus is not an option for a lot of people as it doesn't always fit their schedule. I worked for years in downtown and the bus was either way too early or too late for me to use.

I paid and parked in a private parking lot until the lot was needed for company expansion. I then moved outside the two-hour-limit parking.

Kudos to you for riding your bike, but that mode of transportation is not for everyone. People who drive four-wheeled vehicles and park downtown are the people who should be involved in the decision making.

Sharon Foster

Walla Walla

Gay activists turned veterans parade into disgrace

Well, readers of the Union-Bulletin, I want you to know I am very disappointed in Walla Walla!

Why? Well, it's like this. In our Veterans Day parade, there was a very showy display of gay rights activists.

The parade was not the place for them! Yes, I know we have gays in our Armed Forces, but they are not allowed a showy display, and for good reason.

The veterans of The United States deserve our undivided attention. If people cannot manage this, they should move to a country that will suit them better! If gay Veterans want to be recognized, all fine and well. Seek it as a veteran, not a gay person with no respect. Using the veterans parade did not show respect. It was disrespect.

It makes me angry! Yes, I have had many of my family in the Armed Forces. They would not want to be in a veterans parade that had gay activists.

What was Walla Walla thinking when it allowed this? It was not anything but disdain and ignorance. Whatever happened to Walla Walla being a proud city, one of good faith and honor? Why did the Walla Walla City Council decide to do such a thing? Do we have no respect for ourselves?

I do not understand why citizens of Walla Walla stand for such an outrage.

This community was once one I was proud to be a part of, but anymore, I am thinking people are spineless, and more worried about political correctness than doing what is right.

If this is what Walla Walla is coming to, I am sorry I was ever a part of this community! How can we be proud of who we are?

Walla Walla, you disgust me! If people don't speak up, they are no better than the rest who will never speak up for what they know is right!

Walla Walla, what is wrong with this picture? When and how will it be fixed?

Arlene Hiatt


Dream Act too expensive for taxpayers to bear

America cannot afford to pass any version of the Dream Act and not just finacially but fiscally as well.

The Dream Act not only gives amnesty to 2.1 million illegals but also opens the door for all relatives of the illegals, including the siblings and the parents who brought the person here in the first place.

For the most part the families are larger than the parents can support so it falls on those of us who pay taxes to do just that: pay more taxes to cover the freebies of food stamps and medical care.

Where are the other funds necessary to support the fiscally irresponsible. Let's just borrow it from Social Security and give less to the elderly so we can hire more bilingual teachers.

Personally it is hard for me to go shopping anymore with people who don't even love the country enough to speak English spending my tax dollars all around me. This is America. Speak English.

James R. Cazier

Walla Walla

Letter attacking ‘right' misses mark

Mike Petersen is angry with the Union-Bulletin for catering to its "right-leaning readers." I guess Mr. Petersen doesn't recognize the obvious. Many of the letters to the U-B's opinion page have a definite left-leaning message.

If Petersen can't handle the fact there are so many right-leaning folks, then he'd better fasten his seat belt, because the ride may get very bumpy for him!

However, let's be fair. Petersen does attempt to offer "proof" the U-B caters to us right-leaners. He says the U-B has "missed frequent opportunities to blast the evil lies told by the Fox News commentators, right-wing radio and dear ol' Sarah."

Oh brother, where have we heard this kind of stuff before? Well, we've heard it from Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Obama and others who seem to have a problem with intellectual honesty.

FOX News commentators do nothing more than offer their opinions, backed up, I will add, by credible, well-researched information. FOX is often accused of being totally right-leaning. However, anyone who watches FOX and really pays close attention knows that the left-leaning viewpoint is always well represented.

Petersen can't handle the success of "right-wing radio." Left-wing radio has failed because of its nasty attitude toward conservatism, and it's massacre of the facts.

If this is what Mr. Petersen prefers, that's his right. Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "right." The mere mention causes some people such angst.

As for "dear ol' Sarah," left-wing attacks on her are nasty and downright belligerent. Petersen condemns Sarah Palin for supposedly telling "evil lies." Petersen includes Palin in his list of those who threaten America.

There are threats to America. No argument there. But, Americans should worry more about those who are serious in their intent to actually destroy America from within. Their vicious list includes silencing the voices of opposition. They have no qualms about using every tactic, including "evil lies," to achieve that.

Enemies of the American Way count on the gullibility of those who buy into their lies. They delight in the attacks against Fox News, conservative radio programs and Sarah Palin. It takes the spotlight off them and their dreadful agenda.

I don't fault Mike Petersen for his anger. However, in my opinion, his anger is aimed in the wrong direction.

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla

Documentaries can help you become informed

There's freedom in being informed and organized, but for the most part we choose entertainment. Yet we have some freedom and time, hopefully, to choose to be informed.

Is anyone interested?

I will list a few DVDs for a start as a must to see. Ben Stein connects all the dots to get one thinking in a documentary, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," a brilliant wake-up call for the human race.

In a public meeting my freedom was denied from informing those present of seeing the documentary "Expelled." The reasoning of the official on whose ground I was on - "We could be sued."

Have we lost our freedom to share information about freedom or slavery?

FDR is often quoted for saying "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." In Nazi Germany the official could have shot me dead on the spot and received a raise in pay for his obedience to protect a lie.

In our world we are losing our freedom in support of a lie through fear of being sued or losing our job(s).

Stein's documentary is not being shown in schools, universities and churches. Even pastors, having seen it, don't promote showing it to their congregations.

For $5 (1-800-247-4784) plus postage you can become informed.

Hoping for the best to be is not in "who's right" but "what's right" and being willing to die for it.

Other informative DVD documentaries are Food, Inc.; King Corn; Who Killed the Electric Car; Voyage that shook the World; The American Heritage series by David Barton; The Truth Project by Focus on the Family; The Collapse of Christian America by Answers in Genesis.

We will never understand what's going on in the world until we understand an ideology - a total idea that grips the hearts, minds and souls of people and nations with a world view of change for everyone to live and work together or blow up together.

Being prepared for the worst is hoping for the "Best to Be." This is the human struggle that goes on in your heart and mine every day.

Who will we serve - God or materialism? Being informed for intelligent choosing is best for survival.

Phillip Monfort


Be skeptical, but don't call it a lie unless you are sure

What is the definition of a lie? According to Random House Webster's College Dictionary, a lie is "A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive."

If you believe what I believe, if you accuse someone or even some organization of making lies when you have no real concrete proof of such perceived lies, you are committing a form of "bearing false witness." That is a no-no. As serious as committing adultery or murder. Like I say, it is what I believe.

It seems that lately we as a society have diluted certain words in our language to perhaps mean something the word really doesn't mean. It seems more and more if statements are made that one does not agree with or that go against one's belief in a particular agenda or program we have a tendency to label those disagreements as lies.

Examples would include statements such as "FOX NEWS spews nothing but lies." This, of course, is absurd. It is so absurd I would challenge anyone to come up with just one example of a lie being told by FOX, based on the definition I have put forth here.

Another problem is that we as a society seem to have grown to accept the premise that there are acceptable lies "if the lies contribute to the greater good." Examples of this: "Polar bears are growing extinct" when in fact there are more polar bears now than there have been for many years, and their populations are growing.

Another example, "180,000 children die every day from secondhand smoke." This is a contrived number used to shock. I saw it on a road sign right here in Walla Walla. If you pencil it out only about 375,000 people die every day on the whole planet!

A lie is a lie and should not be acceptable. Be sure to be skeptical when statistics are used. They can manipulate to cause one to believe a real lie to be the truth.

Food for thought.

Steve Reiff

Walla Walla

Veterans Day parade left lots of room for improvement

During the Veterans Day parade I noticed some things that could stand some improvement.

For one thing, the type of music coming from the announcers booth was in my view totally inappropriate for a Veterans Day celebration. Why couldn't they have played military or patriotic music instead of that ear-blasting rock music?

The entry from the gay community was also improper for a Veterans Parade. It was very clear they were pushing their own agenda and not for the veterans. I saw no signs mentioning the veterans.

I feel Walla Walla could do better next year for the veterans parade.

With all the military presence in and around Walla Walla, and within the state, I feel a much stronger and more visible military presence could be shown.

For example, some military marching bands from any of the services - a marching unit from the National Guard (Army/or Air Force).

And with all the military bases around us, why not a slow flyover of Navy, Marine, or Air Force aircraft?

If I'm not mistaken Pendleton has an Army National Guard/Air Guard unit that flies the huge twin rotor helicopters that I see fly over Walla Walla occasionally.

One thing I do know though, these units will not/cannot come if they are not invited. So I would suggest next year the parade organizers start inviting them.

Let's give our veterans the recognition they so justly deserve.

Richard Bardsley

Walla Walla


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