LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Reader opinion contest a mistake


I too am one who looks forward to and enjoys most of the articles published in the U-B's "Our Readers' Opinions" column.

It does concern me to read of the consideration to establish a "Letter of the Month" contest to recognize a selected writer's article. While some subject matter both objective and subjective receives more attention than others, there are so many diverse and interesting writings on varying subjects it seems to me it would be most difficult and unfair to turn this column into a letter-writing essay contest. It could discourage some from furnishing future writings.

There are several highly educated and skilled intellectuals who contribute articles. Even though their writings may be a little more polished than from a commoner like me, I don't necessarily consider them to be more informative, educational or convincing than writings that are more shoot from the hip and a little rough around the edges but are to the point and get their message across.

I respect the right of all those who expressed their pre-election and no doubt sincere feelings about the candidates running for the position of sheriff. But, quite honestly, after reading a few of the first of many articles from outside our county and state, I started just checking the subject and contributor location and then ignored the content as the message was all pretty much the same. These well meaning writers had no skin in the game and in my view are examples of articles that became wasted space.

I appreciate the U-B's publishing all the writings submitted, but sincerely believe that regardless of what process or whom would be used to evaluate, judge and select a monthly winner, it would be much too subjective and therefore a mistake.

While a commendable consideration, let's just continue to read, enjoy and evaluate each article on its own merits and make our own decision on what we like and/or dislike.

If there are contributors who are looking for prizes, glory and public adoration, I suggest they write and publish a book!

Dell Fischer
Walla Walla


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