LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Randy Lewis is a fine attorney


I was very pleased to learn that Randy O. Lewis will be running for prosecutor of Columbia County. It is my belief that Mr. Lewis has the personal and professional characteristics that will allow him to serve Columbia County well. My belief is based upon my experience of working with Randy Lewis, nationally, over the last 10 years.

As the principal of the national forensic consulting firm, Nichols Consulting, I have worked with many of America's finest defense attorneys. Ten years ago I added Mr. Lewis to that list after working with him on an extremely complex Louisiana case.

Since then I also worked with him on a Washington case as well as consulting with him on cases around the country. In fact I offered him a position working nationally, but his love of Columbia County caused him to decline.

My loss, as it turns out, becomes Columbia county's gain!

I know Randy Lewis to be fine attorney able to balance complex legal issues with keeping focused on the human dimensions of the law. Perhaps more importantly, I have seen Randy balance the principled with the practical. That is the stuff that enlightened prosecutors are made of!

As I am sure many in your county have noticed, Randy is a dedicated family man who believes that justice and service are a personal duty. That is why he has decided to ask for your support on election day.

I know that public service would be an economic sacrifice for Mr. Lewis, but given his distinguished career, I know that he will be deeply rewarded by enriching Columbia County as its prosecutor.

Edward Nichols
Sidney, N.Y.


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