LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letters against Turner unfair


Voters should beware of incomplete facts when reading letters from candidates and coworkers. I understand the desire to support ones candidate but they should not leave out information regarding the other half of issue(s).

Recently, several letters have lacked respect and honesty toward readers. Letters by Patty Loney and Mike Skeeters (both have 30-plus years working with Mr. White) have prompted me to provide additional information so citizens may vote with a more clear understanding of the facts.

Have they simply forgotten to mention John Turner won the primary with over 54 percent of the votes? How about the fact that third candidate(Capt. Jim Romine) now supports Turner for sheriff?

Perhaps voters would like to know why Romine prefers Turner over someone he's worked with for years? Must be good reason(s), please ask him.

John Turner does have more education, experience, and training (which this county has needed for several years). The current sheriff and staff have simply not actively pursued re-establishing K-9 Unit, eliminating gang presence (shootings, rapes, murders, property damage).

Now, after all these years, White suddenly (at election time) says his plans include those priorities? Wow, about time?

I notice they thought new motorcycles would help them better protect citizens. Instead, we see cycle deputies parked in various locations aiming radar at people driving by. Wow, that's a priority over punks with baseball bats and loaded guns firing at cars, houses and people!

Come on, there's been ample opportunity (years) for the Sheriff's Office to pursue necessities! Why are citizens not being informed more about two separate investigations being conducted regarding the Sheriff's Office?

Voters need to know the facts!

A certain judge has begun to sling unfair rhetoric at John Turner and I think its appalling and cowardly to voice that junk without being fair enough to have another meeting to discuss issues with Mr. Turner before trying to "sway" the voters. Mr. Votendahl has prior issues which we remember! He should apologize.

We all know that we need a new direction from the Sheriff's Office. It's vitally important and we should elect a very qualified, experienced, dedicated individual who has much energy and a fine history of getting things done.

Please vote for John Turner.

Michael Donovan
Walla Walla

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