Walsh is clear choice for House


Rep. Maureen Walsh has earned a fourth term in the state House. She is doing a solid job representing the 16th Legislative District, which essentially stretches from Dayton to Pasco.

Walsh, a College Place Republican, has become a strong legislator who has made a difference for the Walla Walla Valley, the district and the state.

She is a leader in making early childhood education available and ensuring the education being offered continues to improve. Walsh is a strong voice for keeping the employees at the Washington State Penitentiary safe and on the job.

Walsh is a fiscally conservative, socially moderate lawmaker who has the respect of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Walsh gets things done.

Her challenger, Brenda High, simply can't match her experience, knowledge and political skills.

High, a Constitutional Party candidate from Pasco, agrees with Walsh in some areas although she disagrees on social issues. High entered the race in large part because she disagrees with Walsh's support for the domestic partnership legislation.

We believe Walsh was on the correct side of that issue.

As a candidate, High has something to offer for those who are socially very conservative.

But overall Walsh is by far the stronger candidate and the clear choice for this state House seat.


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