LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Culwell is only choice for prosecutor


Having just read the U-B's letters to the editor and finding an endorsement from Edward Nichols of New York for Randy Lewis. I just had to do some investigating and I found out that Mr. Lewis had hired Nichols' company in the past.

This company helps defense attorneys get people off who are convicted or accused of sexual abuse, (that's child molestation and rape for us normal folks).

This Nichols guy is not even a lawyer, he is just a hired gun like those used in the O.J. Simpson trial. This is the type of people Lewis gets for an endorsement!

I will take Ms. Culwell's endorsements from prosecutors in Washington and not from slimy defense attorneys and those who pervert justice. Don't forget Lewis and his one and only Washington defense lawyer supporter charged Walla Walla County $123,000 for a four-day trial to get a sexual violent person back on our streets.

Remember Lewis has never passed the bar in Washington.

When you add it all up Rea Culwell is the better lawyer, the better person and the only choice for Columbia County.

Charles W. Kutz


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