LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote no on income tax


Some Washington state citizens think all of us are ready to add a new tax. They promise us, it is just for rich couples and none of us middle class will ever see it.

Have any of you ever believed that promise when your government talks about taxes? Let's analyze if we should trust it.

Our first sales tax was sold because it was only 2 percent. Now state sales tax is 6.5 percent.

The first gas tax was sold to us to fix all our potholes and build lots of new highways at only one cent/gallon. Funny, once we said yes, our gas tax is the one of the highest in the nation at 37.5 cents.

Even when gas prices climbed through the roof, did your legislators back down? No wonder statistics by the American Legislative Council show that the nine states in the nation without an income tax show an average job growth almost double the states with a state income tax.

Vote no on a state income tax because in a couple of years the tax you give the "rich" will be your own. If a tax door opens, there will be no knock when they come to your house next.

Deanne Fielding


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