LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Monahan Hood right choice for judge


I have known Bridie Monahan Hood all of her life. She was a great kid growing up and is now a loving wife to Mike Hood and a wonderful mother to her children, Keegan, Griffin and Addie.

Bridie is also an intelligent and caring attorney who has demonstrated to the court her knowledge of the law and her skills in championing her clients' causes to a successful conclusion.

Bridie possesses the needed common sense (inherited from her father, Dick Monahan) to do a good job as our next part-time District Court judge.

Bridie also has the necessary judicial temperament to keep calm and collected while dealing with heated situations occurring in court. Bridie will make a good judge.

I urge you to vote for Bridie Monahan Hood for part-time District Court judge.

Jerry Votendahl
Walla Walla


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