Candidates for Walla Walla County coroner are both strong

But Virginia Romine's medical experience gives her the edge.


The job of county corner is an important one. The coroner has the difficult task of investigating deaths that can't be easily explained, working with law enforcement on investigations and supporting grieving families.

The voters of Walla Walla County are fortunate to have two extremely well-qualified candidates for coroner.

We are convinced the citizens will be well served whether it is Virginia Romine or Richard Greenwood who is elected Nov. 2.

Each candidate would bring different strengths to the office, and we can't see much - if any - weakness in either candidate.

But we give the edge to Romine because of her extensive medical experience.

Romine is a nurse by profession who has worked in a wide range of areas. She has been in operating rooms, emergency rooms and is familiar with myriad areas of medicine. She has experience assisting with autopsies. And, perhaps most importantly, Romine has experience working with families dealing with terminal illnesses and grief.

Romine also has the necessary management experience for this office.

Greenwood doesn't have any medical expertise, but he is nevertheless qualified. He has experience investigating industrial accidents and has shown himself to be a problem solver and solid manager in his employment and his volunteer work.

Greenwood clearly understands the demands of the job and has a plan for getting the job done well.

Greenwood and Romine both show themselves to be knowledgeable as well as compassionate. They both want the job for the right reasons - they care about people and their community.

We see Romine as the slightly stronger of two very strong candidates, but Walla Walla County voters can't go wrong voting for Romine or Greenwood.


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