Interim director named for Walla Walla city-county planning agency

Tom Glover, the head of the county development department, will fill the temporary role.


WALLA WALLA -- The head of Walla Walla County's development department has been named interim director for a new city-county planning agency.

Tom Glover, county Community Development Department director, was appointed Friday at the first meeting of the Walla Walla Joint Community Development board.

The board members, city Councilman Jim Barrow and county Commissioner Greg Tompkins, said the selection was done to move ahead with the merger of the city and county planning departments.

In a release, Barrow and Tompkins said they needed to act "as soon as possible" to have the new agency functioning by January. The merger is expected to include layoffs of up to six full-time employees from the county and/or city planning staffs.

Under terms of a city-county agreement, the new agency will be an independent entity governed by a three member board. Barrow was appointed by the city council and Tompkins by his fellow county commissioners. The board's third member will be determined by joint approval of the Council and county commission.


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