LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Don't be swayed by smooth call for 'change'


Elections at the county level are the one level in the United States where locals have an opportunity to elect someone with power whom they can actually talk to and have influence. There are two key county offices and they are the county commissioners' and the county sheriff's. This letter addresses the campaign for Walla Walla County sheriff.

One does have to wonder why there has been such a push to elect Mr. Turner and who are the pushers. Perhaps, with Sheriff Humphreys' retirement, Mr. Turner just saw an opportunity to get back into law enforcement. However, only a few months ago, Mr. Turner was still not a Washington state certified lawman. Even with Mr. Turner's L.A. credentials, one does have to wonder why so many out-of-state residents had to be contacted to provide letters to the editor.

Suppose Mr. Turner is elected, guess who now works for Mr. Turner? You guessed it ... White and Romine. Perhaps they can establish a nice working relationship with Mr. Turner. If not, perhaps some of those non-residents can apply.

We have many Walla Walla County voters who have been swayed by the smooth call for "change."

Nationally, however, there are millions of voters who wish they could have their vote for change rescinded.

Please, do not make that mistake in our county. A vote for Bill White is a vote for Mike Humphreys' 15 years of establishing an outstanding county law enforcement agency with Bill White's key support.

Craig Buchanan
Walla Walla


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