LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Let's go with 30 years of experience


I have tried to stay out of the fracas as I will be working with whomever wins this election for sheriff, but I can no longer sit by without weighing in.

Mr. Donovan intimates that since someone has worked with White for 30-some years they apparently don't have a right to an opinion. Or, at the very least, their opinion is not as valuable as say someone from Los Angeles, Bellingham or even Quantico, Va.

Mr. Donovan mentions the gang violence and how White is now reacting to it. I supervise the gang office for the Walla Walla Police Department, and have for several years. The Sheriff's Office has assigned a deputy and corrections officer to a local gang task force.

Those assignments were made long before this election campaign.

I have read many times about how Turner can and will fix what is so wrong at the Sheriff's Office. If there is that much wrong where have you all been in the last eight to 10 years?

I don't recall any scandals. Is this really about not having a K-9 program? The handler can only work an eight-hour day or 40-hour week. How much good does he do us when he is in Burbank and we need him in Waitsburg. How many dogs should we have? Two, three, 10? How do we pay for them?

Twenty-four hour coverage seems to be a big issue. You schedule based on past history. You put the resources where the need is.

It's not rocket science. Less need at 4 a.m. than at 8 p.m. You want deputies on 24 hours a day, how many? Where do you want them? It's a big county.

I think Mr. Nolette may have hit the nail on the head. Let's create a problem or crisis so we can address it.

As far as Mr. Votendahl goes, he is as entitled to an opinion as anyone, maybe more than others when you look at his years of service to this community. As to his prior issues. Let us not forget what happened to the last perfect man. Something about being "nailed to a cross" comes to mind.

Let's not throw stones at anyone. Both candidates are fine men in their own right. I just happen to think we should go with the man who has given us 30 years of dedicated service. I am voting for Bill White.

Randy Allessio
Walla Walla


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