LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner a great fit for Walla Walla County


I have been following the race for sheriff in Walla Walla County and am compelled to clear up misinformation I have read in the Union-Bulletin and on the Internet about John Turner. I do not live in Walla Walla County but I have an important message for voters.

I have over 36 years in law enforcement and moved to Washington from California this past December to continue my law enforcement career at an executive level.

I retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after 321/2 years. My connection with John developed because of two reasons. We both have LAPD experience. We both have local roots and hometown values. My interest began when I was in Walla Walla and noticed a campaign brochure with a photograph of a fire truck from Clyde next to John and another one of John in an LAPD uniform.

In my youth I lived in Walla Walla County and went to school in Clyde. I also went to school in Prescott and my family spent a lot of time in Walla Walla. I do not know the other candidate and have no opinion as to his qualifications and/or fitness for sheriff.

However, I feel strongly compelled to clarify misinformation I have read during this campaign for sheriff.

First, I know John will have no problem being commissioned as sheriff with full peace officer powers. Washington's Criminal Justice Training Commission ensures Washington police officers and deputies are well-trained.

All officers/deputies new to Washington or returning to law enforcement must attend and pass an Equivalency Academy, now 80 hours, nine weeks, online. I passed the CJTC Academy in January.

Second, I know John Turner has the skills and abilities to be an outstanding leader for the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office. With his LAPD experience, he has been trained, exposed to and learned the best leadership skills offered by the LAPD (a leader in professional law enforcement).

I also know John would have been promoted to senior lead officer with the LAPD because he had displayed outstanding dedication to law enforcement, a solid work ethic and strong leadership skills. Another important fact is that, as a SLO, he was like a chief of police/sheriff in a small portion of Los Angles, probably equal to or larger than the population of Walla Walla County.

An officer learns a lot about public service, leadership and police work very fast, in Los Angeles.

I know John Turner will be an outstanding sheriff and a great fit for Walla Walla County.

Richard Ackerman
Quincy, Wash.


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