LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Dream Act will be Nightmare Act


Come on! Is Obama crazy? Is he an American citizen or not? I think it's the later.

Now he wants to let thousands of illegal immigrants who go to college or join the military to become legal citizens.

What's next? Maybe let all the illegal immigrant going to prison become citizens too! Why don't we just make Mexico part of the Unites States and give them all our welfare and Social Security money?

Not that they aren't getting it now! Hey! While we're at it, why not just make everybody on planet Earth an American citizen and really screw up this country? Do what is fair for us, not someone who could care less about our laws!

I would be kicking myself if I had been stupid enough to vote for him. I'm almost embarrassed to call myself an American anymore.

First he says he's sorry about stuff done in the past to every nation on Earth. Now he's pushing this Dream Act to pass, sounds more like the Nightmare Act to me. Maybe next he'll give Hawaii to Japan, and Alaska to Russia or Canada.

I'm not too far from retirement myself and this Dream Act makes me nervous. I haven't worked in the last 30 to 40 years just so some lawbreaker can reap the benefits of my hard work. Go break the law in a foreign country and see what happens.

You won't get rewarded for it. It's time to vote Obama out of the office and put someone in office who will worry about the United States above all others.

Tim Brummett
Walla Walla


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