LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner's story doesn't add up


Has anyone asked John Turner why he left the LAPD?

Has anyone asked John Turner why after all the schooling it takes did he not continue being an attorney longer than a couple years?

Has anyone asked John Tuner why he didn't last more than a couple of years at Ash Hollow Winery?

Has anyone asked John Turner what it was he went to Iraq to investigate, and why he only lasted a few months?

Has anyone asked John Turner if he were elected sheriff of our county how long it would be before he left again?

This job hopping track record is not what we need for our sheriff of Walla Walla County.

Bill White has been with our county Sheriff's Office for over 30 years serving us. I encourage you to join me in voting for a proven leader, Bill White.

Michelle Dunaway
Walla Walla


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