LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote for Randy Lewis


A couple of facts that helped me choose Randy Lewis for prosecuting attorney

Fact 1: Randy's opponent, Rea Culwell, was not correct in her campaign brochure when she said, "Lewis has overcharged Columbia County so our judges will not appoint him anymore." On Oct. 6 I spoke with Judge Acey and he said there was no allegation of overcharging, and that the county has continued to employ Randy, and in fact, Randy has additionally provided pro bono services.

Justice will only prevail in the courtroom of a truthful prosecutor.

Fact 2: My wife and I feel persecuted by Rea Culwell. On Aug. 19 Rea Culwell appeared in Superior Court in Walla Walla to defend her motion for dismissal of a lawsuit filed by my wife and me against Columbia County.

She lost!

Two things to note: 1. Culwell is required to defend the county, but was not required to file a motion for dismissal. Her motion was without merit and she wasted public funds for her related time, her staff's time, and other supporting county staff time. 2. My wife and I had to pay our attorney and related court costs to defend ourselves against this clearly unnecessary action.

Further, Culwell accuses Mr. Lewis of trying to deny victims their rights. This is not true. In a criminal case, it is the duty of the defense lawyer to protect the rights of his client, not the alleged victim.

In the particular case, the victim's advocate had been accused in a prior trial of coaching the victim from the audience during trial. What defense lawyer would not be concerned and take action to protect his client?

Please vote for Randy Lewis.

Jim Peterson


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