$n$ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Green business is a great example


I dropped into the new WW Bead Company on Main Street the other day, after reading about it in the Lifestyles magazine. What a surprise that was! The store is stunning in its appearance, as well as its inventory. But, the best part was discovering in my conversation with the owner, Darlene Steiner, that everything except the merchandise was reused, recycled or repurposed, including the paint on the wall! (Her husband used odds and ends of discarded paints to blend his desired color.)

Even some of the beads are from vintage jewelry that she has disassembled and sanitized! The delightful array of glass dishes used to display beads has been collected from daily forays to thrift shops, as have the elaborate candlesticks that she topped with glass plates and filled with beads. The lamps, the furniture, the accent pieces ... nothing was purchased new. Old cabinets have been repainted to match the color scheme.

The desks were discards from a local bank; the tables with their dressy black skirting, the cash register, price guns and the hundreds of hooks came from a business that had closed up shop. The frames for the artwork hanging on the walls were made by a friend using old barn wood. The music in the background was being played on a stereo she purchased at St. Vincent.

The desks in her classroom were cleverly made of old file cabinets covered with countertops and repainted. The list goes on.

Combined with the vintage checkerboard floor tiles in a historic building, the mesmerizing array of beads, and the warm welcome from Darlene, the result is a delightful addition to downtown shopping.

I bought a gift certificate for a friend for a beading class that Darlene offers. She printed it up on a classy piece of glossy gold paper she found at St. Vincent, using a refurbished ink cartridge, of course.

The Steiners are to be commended for their green business endeavor. They have set a great example for our community.

Linda Herbert
Walla Walla


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