LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Culwell knows Washington law


Rea Culwell, the incumbent, and Randy O. Lewis are locked in a political fight for prosecuting attorney of Columbia County. There is one vital issue not to be ignored, which should be of interest to every voter.

Randy Lewis has never passed the Washington bar!

Randy Lewis came from practicing law in Louisiana, a state using Napoleonic law instead of English common law used in most other states. This is a huge difference. Never mind the fact Randy Lewis had his law license transferred to Washington using a legal "trick."

North Dakota allows any lawyer, who has passed the bar in any state, to move their license to North Dakota. Mr. Lewis transferred his license there by getting a post office box. Never mind he never practiced law there even one day. He knew Washington had a reciprocal with North Dakota. So, by hook or crook, Mr. Lewis got his license transferred to this state.

Mr. Lewis has been in this state four years. He didn't wake up yesterday and decide to run for prosecuting attorney. Never once during those years did he do the study and try to pass the Washington bar.

If elected to the position he seeks, he would be advising county officials and our sheriff on important points of civil and criminal law. When asked about this inadequacy, he replies he would just look it up in a law book. Do the citizens of Columbia County want someone to be studying up on Washington law at our expense and on our time?

Can county officials wait on for the answer to an important point of law while Mr. Lewis looks up the answer in a book?

Rea Culwell's record is as good as any prosecutor in the state. She, along with all Washington county prosecutors, have passed the Washington bar. Culwell has the knowledge and experience to continue doing this job well.

My vote, and I hope yours, will be for Culwell this coming Election Day.

Jim Kime


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