LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mark Franklin is right choice for sheriff


It's oftentimes viewed as a clich, but voting is a duty of citizenship.

For decades, many Americans have given their lives so all of us would have the opportunity to influence the direction and type of governance we deem best, not only for our personal comfort but for the general welfare and common good.

That being stated, I enthusiastically and unequivocally endorse Mark Franklin for Columbia County sheriff. My reasons for doing so are quite clear.

Since moving to Dayton seven years ago, I have had many opportunities to observe Mr. Franklin's conduct as both a public and a private citizen. I was initially impressed with the depth and breadth of his law enforcement acumen. Through a number of personal conversions with him, I also became impressed with his way of thinking, thinking that would allow Columbia County law enforcement to move from a primarily reactionary agency to a more proactive one.

My conversations with Mr. Franklin began in 2004, long before he decided to run for sheriff, which tells me his natural state of mind is consistently forward thinking.

Having served more than 20 years of active duty in the Marine Corps, I believe I understand what leadership qualities are needed for success. Those qualities include knowledge, initiative and sound judgment, which Mr. Franklin continually demonstrates and possesses in great abundance.

His ability to articulate what's right, what's wrong and what needs to be done to make things more efficient is why I am writing this letter in support of Mark Franklin's candidacy for Columbia County sheriff.

This is not to intimate that the current leadership is doing a deplorable job. It's simply a matter of there being an opportunity for the citizens to have a more robust and responsive Sheriff's Office and ultimately to create what all citizens want -- the safest community possible.

I strongly recommend that voters listen to the candidates when there is an opportunity. Let the candidates themselves tell you what they have, can and will do on behalf of the populace.

Thomas Jefferson is often quoted as saying that, "People will always elect the government they deserve." It's as true today as it was more than two centuries ago.

Please, get involved, get informed and vote.

Jeff McCann


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