LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Murray has brought home bacon but ...


I have to agree with part of what Mr. Osterman has to say about our current senator, Patty Murray. She has brought home the bacon for such projects as the VA hospital, some of the U.S. Highway 12 funding, and she has taken an interest in agriculture.

I would think that Dino Rossi would make similar efforts if he becomes our new senator.

However, I'd also note that Sen. Murray supported the health-care legislation the Obama administration pushed through, which most of the public didn't want or like.

I'm on Medicare and according to what I read the new health-care bill will be taking significant benefits from the Medicare system to help pay for the new legislation. In addition my supplemental insurance premiums are scheduled to increase 16 percent this next year.

I'm also aware that the new legislation will levy new taxes on the public and many that have been having trouble providing their own coverage will be assuming the cost of providing coverage to those not currently insured

In addition to the benefits Mr. Osterman cites about Sen. Murray, she has also supported legislation that will adversely impact her constituents. Several examples include the health-care legislation, financial reform and a recent example is Congress' failure to act to keep income taxes for everyone from rising.

In fact, I don't recall any legislation proposed by the Obama administration that she didn't support regardless of whether it was detrimental to her constituents.

This is not the kind of change I was hoping for and it depicts a need to look carefully at who we select to represent us.

My personal thought is that if you like skyrocketing national debt, high unemployment, an excessive amount of federal regulation that the current Congress and administration have been giving us then keep your eyes shut, your ears covered, and stick with what you have.

But if you think our nation has been on the wrong track for the past several years then it is time to make some changes.

Nat Webb
Walla Walla


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