LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Patty Murray serves as watchdog


If you are considering voting Republican this November, please take the time to think about your interests. If Republicans gain control of Congress they are on record for opposing recent legislation known as the Credit Card Consumer Bill of Rights, the Patient Bill of Rights and the Financial Reform Bill.

Do you really want to drop federal protection against the predatory practices of credit card companies?

Do you want to bring back "prior conditions" to health insurance and the practice of dropping policy holders when they get sick if they made a small, unintentional error on the application? Do you want to keep lifetime limits on health coverage?

Do you want to throw out recent reforms on the financial industry? How did that work in 2008 with the crash of the housing bubble and the very near total collapse of the economy when the housing cash was made ten times worse by the unregulated use of derivatives and credit default swaps by the financial industry?

Republicans are crystal clear about whose interests they support. They support commercial and investment banks, credit card companies and health insurers. Supporting the right of the business community to make obscene profits hurts the consumer less if the companies make geegaws and gimcracks. Consumers don't have to buy them. Everyone, however, needs credit and health insurance.

Patty Murray is a watchdog for the so-called "man on the street." She doesn't oppose businesses making a fair profit. she does oppose businesses engaging in predatory practices. Vote for Patty Murray to return to congress so she can continue to work for us.

Tam Lennox
Walla Walla


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