LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Randy Lewis stays cool under fire


I've been a resident of Columbia County all my life and have never witnessed as desperate re-election attempt as Rea Culwell's to be county prosecutor. She has people endorsing her that I've never heard of. Where does she get all these endorsements?

I thought she is running in Columbia County. As far as her opponent, Randy Lewis, her constant comment about his not passing the Washington State bar exam is getting really old. She needs to find something else to whine about.

Just reading the flyer I got in the mail tells me that this woman is an egomaniac. She is the only choice according to her flyer.

I don't care how intelligent she perceives herself to be and how much of an education she has. Common sense and moral values don't take a back seat in the court of law. Her politics remind me of a little kid slinging mud. The more she slings the more she feels that she's winning.

She must really value her high paying position to lower herself to slinging mud and practicing poor politics. Most people with any kind of intelligence can see a smoke screen when they see one.

I'm pretty sure if one was to try just a little they could find some mud on her. As far as I'm concerned, Randy Lewis has got my vote. He has been a lawyer a lot longer with much more of a wide spectrum of cases. I also must add the he stays pretty cool under fire.

Culwell has tried her best to humiliate him and he's kept his composure every time. When Rea comes under attack she falls apart like a cheap suitcase.

Tim Snyder


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