LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner did nothing unethical


This letter is written in support of John Turner, candidate for county sheriff.

I write particularly to present an alternate view of John's term as general manager of Ash Hollow Winery here in Walla Walla.

Some individuals, who I respect and consider friends, are of the opinion that John's service to the winery was not satisfactory. This is a matter of opinion, and I do not share that opinion.

I served on the board of directors of that company for a number of years, with my term running concurrently with some of John's service. Looking back, it is easy to question certain decisions and practices made at that time by John, but that is true of hindsight in any company.

John managed to the best of his ability during a difficult time, attempting to balance many diverse interests.

In my opinion he did nothing whatsoever that was unethical, and made every effort to manage the company to prosperity.

Matt E. Tucker
Walla Walla


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