LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - White is vote for honor, integrity and experience


Honor and respect are earned. During the campaign for sheriff, I have observed the actions of the candidates and those of their close supporters.

This race has brought out the best in some and the worst in others.

Bill White has run an honorable campaign. He has supervised the Sheriff's Office staff and conducted several high-profile criminal investigations while keeping this community safe. He has a full time job. He has prioritized that responsibility ahead of his campaign.

His opponent has tried to convince you of all that is wrong with the Sheriff's Office, and who's to blame. He has provided you with incomplete facts and an overstated resume.

His California perspective would have you believe that the brave men and women of law enforcement in this area are substandard. I am not interested in edited letters of support from people outside this community. Don't believe the political rhetoric.

Bill White's opponent is unemployed and a decade removed from law enforcement. His administrative credentials are not suitable for this complex position. His promises, while extremely expensive, are not realistic.

I attended several of the early debates between the candidates. While a strong supporter of Capt. White, I stopped attending the debates because I could not continue listening to the inaccuracies provided by Bill White's opponent.

My priority is the Sheriff's Office and public safety. I have been employed with the Sheriff's Office since 1989. I have been a jail officer and jail sergeant. I have been a patrol deputy and training officer. I was president of the commissioned deputies association, and labor negotiator for 10 years. I was charter president for the fraternal order of police.

Currently I am a patrol supervisor with the Sheriff's Office. I credit my accomplishments in large part to Bill White. He was my field training officer, my sergeant and currently the captain in charge of patrol and investigations.

This race is about public safety. Bill White will continue the strong traditions forged by the sheriffs before him. He will focus on the challenges at hand while planning to meet our law enforcement needs in the future.

With 12 years of budgetary experience you can be confident that our tax dollars and the sheriff's resources will be utilized in a responsible, prudent manner.

I am voting for honor, integrity and experience. Join me in supporting Bill White for Walla Walla County sheriff.

Tom Cooper
Walla Walla


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