LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Do not vote for Sen. Patty Murray


Vote for Sen. Patty Murray? Absolutely not.

In the Oct. 3 letter there were several things that were not mentioned. Sen. Patty Murray is a Democrat. The Democrats control both houses of Congress, as well as the presidency. They are responsible for more than tripling the debt they inherited from President Bush. They also now own an economy with a 10.1 percent unemployment.

Sen. Murray worked extremely hard to pass the health-care bill, which over 70 percent of the people did not want. Sen. Murray voted for the auto bailout, the bank bailouts, the TARP bill, and for the stimulus package. None have worked.

Sen. Patty Murray supports the cap and trade (tax) bill, which is an enormous tax bill. There are way too many Democrats in Congress. We don't need another one. Vote for Sen. Patty Murray? Absolutely not.

Dale Steindorf
Walla Walla


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