LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Don't be fooled by smoke and mirrors


In response to Michelle Dunaway's Oct. 12 letter to the editor, I say that instead of using rhetorical questions as veiled accusations, read johnturnerforsheriff.com, e-mail John Turner through that web site or call him.

With regard to the Ash Hollow brouhaha, my thought is that this is a mountain out of, at most, a molehill. If this is such an issue, why has the Ash Hollow board not addressed it with John before now, directly and privately? It had years.

In addition, obviously financial dealings were handled very flexibly by this very small business, with few, if any, clear guidelines or agreements. Therefore, of course, there are going to be conflicting perspectives! For example, both sides don't even agree on the meaning of "not being paid."

The board apparently meant not ever being paid, and John Turner meant not being paid on time. In my book, they're both right.

I chalk their disagreement up to a small business trying to create its wheel as it uses it. Sit down behind closed doors and iron it out, as John Turner has asked. I consider this to be a red herring, aimed at confusing and derailing any part of the voting population not willing to consider the issue on anything but a surface level. Do not be part of that group; don't be fooled by last-minute smoke and mirrors.

In speaks volumes to me that among many others, Walla Walla's chief of police, Chuck Fulton, supports John Turner for sheriff. See Turner's website for Fulton's letter of support.

In conclusion, do I want a man with a stellar report card, or do I want one with a stellar time card? I say John Turner can earn that time card, but Bill White's report card, already earned, fails compared to John Turner's. John Turner brings the character, vision, energy and heart for which I'm looking in our county's next sheriff.

Angie Alden
Walla Walla


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