LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Income tax can be extended


This letter is in opposition to Initiative 1098, which would establish an income tax for the state of Washington.

Have you noticed that the state of Oregon has an income tax and would like to have a sales tax since its income tax is not bringing in the desired amount of revenue? Have you heard the state of Washington wish for an income tax to make up for the lack of funds generated by our sales tax? During difficult economic times, taxes dependent upon good economic conditions don't provide enough revenue for a government to provide services beyond those that our founders intended.

The income tax initiative being proposed is suppose to tax only the rich. As initially proposed it doesn't impact many. But the adjusted incomes that will be taxed are not set in stone and they can be altered in the future to tax people who aren't rich -- people just like us.

Did you know that our state sales tax started out at 1 percent and it is now 6.5 percent? Did you know that the first gas tax was one cent per gallon and it is now 37.5 cents. The payroll tax for unemployment compensation was 1.8 percent and it is now 5 percent. Taxes tend to grow to keep up with wasteful spending habits.

The federal income tax was set up the same way as Initiative 1098 is being proposed and it now encompasses nearly every citizen. If this measure passes, our state Legislature can vote in two years to extend this tax to you and me. Look at some of its past actions and try to imagine that this won't happen.

We have to make do with what we earn and it is time that our government learns to do the same.

Nat Webb
Walla Walla


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