LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner is impressive


I met John Turner this summer and I was impressed by what I saw. He is a very inspirational forward thinking person who has ideas about how he wants to improve the law enforcement in our community and he has the right attitude to get things done.

This backed up by his extensive and varied resume makes me think that he is the person for this job. I just don't understand the criticism of his record. John has worked for the LAPD, which is the finest law enforcement agencies in the country. If he is good enough for it then he is good enough for me. John went on to get a law degree. A law degree can't be a bad thing for a law officer can it? His service in Iraq speaks for itself!

I have a college degree from California and this diversified experience has only helped me to become a more well rounded person, which has helped me become more successful in the field I am in.

Fear of some unknown is not a reason to vote against someone. The Sheriff's Office is not a birth right. We should leave that type of thinking to the North Koreans!

As for the comments of move here and run for office, well if they can get the roads graded by my mother's house then I would consider voting for them as well.

Kevin Kregger


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