LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner isn't a nitpicker


The local elections have been perplexing for me. I had attended two of the three candidate debates for Walla Walla County sherriff, and nothing was brought up questioning Mr. Turner's spending as to when he was a managing partner for Ash Hollow Winery during that time.

Why was it being brought up so late in the election? Also, I commend the Union-Bulletin for its balanced reporting on the matter.

Also, at the debate on the Whitman College campus, Mr. Romine had claimed that Mr. White had breached ethics rules regarding campaign contributions, but this concern was not addressed but pushed aside.

It is obvious that John Turner looks at the positive side and does not nitpick on less significant matters that could be used against his opponent because he answered the debate questions truthfully and to the point without dancing around issues.

Nitpicking is time, and time is money, and I believe Mr. Turner realizes this, and makes him the best candidate for the job. I will vote for John Turner.

Sharon K. Schiller
Walla Walla


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