LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner less qualified than most deputies


There have been many letters published regarding the upcoming sheriff's race. There have been strong opinions in support of both candidates. Unfortunately individual preference for a candidate is often shaped by emotion or other irrelevant criteria.

I've heard frivolous reasons justifying support of a candidate in the past months. Washington is full of professional politicians elected from the charismatic personalities and nice smiles.

My decision to support Bill White for sheriff involved only consideration of his superior integrity and vastly greater experience.

White has been the chief criminal investigator with the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office for 12 years. White has overseen every manner of investigation including homicides. How many homicide investigation has Turner overseen? Zero is not a large number.

White has more experience as captain than Turner had as a line officer in California. The majority of the current WWSO deputies have more law enforcement experience than John Turner. Are county residents best served by electing a sheriff who is less qualified than the staff he would supervise?

The integrity issues are best illustrated through campaign law compliance. Campaign signs must clearly identify a candidate's party affiliation. White is in strict compliance but Turner isn't.

There have been incidents where Turner signs were posted on private property without consent. County voters should expect their next sheriff to obey laws he is charged with enforcing. White is aware of the law and abides by it. Turner is either oblivious of the law or he disregards it.

Turner's inability to adequately address the Ash Hollow controversy is disconcerting.

Turner now clams he used Ash Hollow funds for personal expenses due to an apparent expectation of entitlement based on a company investment. You don't need to be a detective to be suspicious when someone changes his story as evidence surfaces.

Turner recently acknowledged to the U-B "he should have made sure proper bookkeeping was being employed, if it wasn't." This is as close to an admission of impropriety you'll get from a slick operator like Turner.

Voters deserve a sheriff with integrity and experience.

I have served with the Sheriff's Office for 22 years. I feel more comfortable working for Bill White who hasn't violated campaign laws, private property rights or abused the trust of an employer he had a fiduciary responsibility to serve.

Brad Ansorge
Walla Walla


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